Momentous Chat

It was a typical office day. I’m in front of my PC doing Airline Reconciliation and it was quite boring. I think I have my mood swing. I miss school. I miss my crazy friends. I miss EVERYONE. You can’t get away from reminiscing the old times especially to those people who really touched your heart. I scanned my FB photos then and poof..! I stumble upon the picture of me and my student JAN EM! It was shortly afterwards that I remember we hadn’t talk for a very long time. He didn’t chat me anymore though I message him before. huhuh😦 It is always a wild guess for me to figure out why we suddenly lost communication. Anyway, I just ponder through our old chat in fb. Because of the loud howl of joy inside me after reading that messages of ours, I decided to blog about it. Anyway, it wouldn’t cost anything right?

Below is the conversation we had. (this is my favorite one) Back then, in the course of our conversation it drenched me with tears – tears of joy rolling down my face.

May 23, 2011

Jan Em: hi hello, how are you?

Me: Jan!

Jan Em: hi! weekly poll 2

Me: I answered that already

Jan Em: #2. I did what you suggested

Me: Oh i see. I left a comment as well

Jan Em: what was your answer?

Me: Badminton J

Jan Em: oh thanks for answering. Weekly poll is every Sunday

Me: No problem. I regularly check your blog anyway

Jan Em: Thanks!

Jan Em: I was singing the number song last night­

Me: wow! Really? That was so sweet!

Jan Em: and it left me teary eyed­

Me: I miss you so much!

Jan Em: me too

Jan Em: I dreamt about you last night

Me: What was your dream?

Jan Em: you were in school, you were watching us

Me: In DLS-ASMC in particular?

Jan Em: Yes, BTTC stage

Me: and what were you doing?

Jan Em: We were having a class with my math teacher about integers

Me: and I supposed you answered all the teacher’s questions correctly

Jan Em: No, because before I could finish my answer lunch time began

Me: did your dream end?

Jan Em: The class started again after lunch time. The totally spies were fighting an evil bad guy at the room beside the science lab

Me: totally spies were there too! Cute :>

Jan Em: yeah after lunch time I was looking for you. It took 50 minutes

Me: and then what happen?

Jan Em: I found you at the stage

Me: what am I doing?

Jan Em: you said only 10 minutes left for classes to start

Me: and then?

Jan Em: I looked for our helper who was bringing my lunch box

Me: you already finish you lunch by that time right?

Jan Em: no, I was captured by an evil bad guy beside the science lab

Me: huwat?? Who’s the one to the rescue?

Jan Em: totally spies

Me: Nice! J and the bell rang? –the end-

Jan Em: No, that was the totally spies fighting the bad guy

Me: of course totally spies won over the bad guys right?

Jan Em: no, my dream ended with totally spies entering the room

Me: haha..

With this simple conversation, yet for me it brought big meaning. It made me thought of it many times afterwards and up to now still..pondering for the saccharin memories we had :”>

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