Spectacular SOS Experience

photo courtesy by Carllyn Basila

My Summer of Service (SOS) adventure so to speak, coming from Manila all the way to Cebu is one of the best experiences I ever had. An experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. An extremely good, very remarkable and entirely different journey as I can describe of it.

SOS became a “learning experience”. Not just us doing the teaching to the student but also us learning from them all. Moreover, SOS for me is not just exploring the beautiful places and enjoying the breathtaking scenery but far beyond that is giving service committed to share our knowledge, skills and talents as well as honing and harnessing their potentials with the gift they have. These absolutely kind children amidst of their uneasy attitude sometimes gave me another reason to celebrate life. We can be far away from each other now but you can’t take away the good and bad times we had together as a group, giggling amongst ourselves like a children of eight as we talked and wondered life has to bring.

I’ve met so many wonderful friends in Cebu with distinct and unique personalities you cannot trade for. Their charming faces, how they smile, laugh or even cracked jokes. All of those fond memories I could actually recall for it has been marked already on my heart. But of course there was that one I would never forget.

When we were young we spoke of what we wanted to be. Perhaps a doctor, a policeman, a nurse, a teacher stuff we’d see, stuff we’d hear. But here’s a little one that strucked me and catched my attention. He wanted to be a president! (though it changed since he was in kindergarden). His name is Jan Emmanuel M. Alonzo – my dear student. Who could ever thought I would be tutoring a six-grade student with an IQ of perhaps a second year high school student or even more. Truly, once you’ve met someone you never really forget them. One day if life permits, my heart longs to be back in DLS-ASMC! Gi-mingaw ko nimu!

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