Tips on posting online

Tips on online posting

Source: DLS-CSB Intranet

To this advance tic-tac cyber world, more and more people are now engaging to different social networks. Social media is indeed the hip of today’s generation. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of the latter. Nevertheless, let’s just be reminded to be responsible to anything you post online. In this light, I just wanna share with you tips on posting online. Together, let’s learn and be informed.

Before you post anything online

1. Aim for Accuracy.

Get the facts straight and cite your sources properly. Also, do not post information which you have no authority to share such as confidential matters.

2. Remember to be respectful.

Your status updates, tweets and blog entries can encourage comments or a heated debate. In this light, be mindful of how you respond to these comments.

3. Think twice (or more)

Privacy is a rarity in the world of social media. If you are passionate about an issue it is advisable to let your emotions simmer down before posting something.

Disclaimer (Source: DLS-CSB Intranet)

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