Goal time line

“Our goals can be reached through a vehicle of plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success” -Stephen A. Brennan

First, it was only a requirement for our ORDEV-C class but now..I didn’t expect that making a “Goal time line” helps.

My Goal time line for the next five years

Firstly, my goal is to graduate next year holding the title of “Best Thesis”. I’m sure every students dream of being the Best Thesis holder when they graduate. That is why along with my thesismates Vera, Denn and Kristine we’re doing the best that we can do to improve, improve and improve our “Product Feasibility Studies”. As a matter of fact, last Saturday, April 2 was our Thesis Defense for EXPROJ1. Guess what?…it was a success! Our panelist loved and appreciated our presentation. Thanks be to God! Just to share what my thesismate Kristine posted in our facebook group after the defense,


“Was that considered to be a job well done?I’ve committed a lot of mistakes (sorry for that ^^,) and we weren’t able to answer so many questions and not to mention the “improvements” we have to do. But despite of those, I still wish all the best for our group! Like what I’ve tweeted this morning, “I have the best thesis-mates and the best adviser. Sowhat else is lacking?…Best thesis!” So my dear thesis-mates, lets pray that we will able to make it. At least the defense this morning wasn’t as bad as what i expected. Much love! ♥”

In addition, one of our panelist told us that he’s strongly want us to be his students next term probably for EXSERVES. He saw that we really exert of effort just to make our presentation as best as possible. So going back to the action plan for my goal “Best Thesis”..it was already mention that firstly I must have my best thesis mate and of course a best adviser that will help us to meet the requirements of having a well-built final paper for our “Product Feasibility Studies”. Set an objects then reach it through a vehicle of plan. Believe and last but not the least vigorously act.

Secondly, I want to pursue my passion and advocacies in life. You can refer to my post “Important Roles of my Life”. In my post, I mentioned that I’m a passionate blogger, a photography enthusiast, aspiring graphic designer and frustrated guitarist. On the other hand, my advocacies are for peace, environment and human rights. Probably because of the person or should I say organization which I’m belong that influence me most to pursue these advocacies is my family of volunteers “Center for Social Action”. In our organization, we have our coordinators who really help us grow and reach our full potential. Just like what they’ve said “Personal Growth”. I love being with my CSA family..my co-volunteers and of course our coordinators who are also our formators. Formators as I’ve said because they mold our mind, body and soul to be formed into a value laden person. So again, going back to the action plan. I really love my hobbies and my heart is on it so I’m planning to enroll to a summer workshop to further hone and harness my skills and talent. While regarding on my advocacies, of course after I graduate I’ll keep my contact with the Center for Social Action.

Lastly, by 2017 I’m now working on a prestigious Export/Logistic company with the position of middle management. To achieve it, first I’ll search for the best and suitable company for my internship. Then, while I’m on my OJT days..I’ll do my best to show my assets and competitive advantage over the other students having also their OJT. I’ll prove to the top level executives that I have my strong organizational skill and ability to work well with different people and eventually have a brand personality that I’m one of those potential and fruitful future employee in their company if ever they will hire me.

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