Important roles of my life


One of our course requirement in ORDEV-C is to make our own Life Graph. This Life Graph contains the peak points of our life including the downfalls. (I’ll make a post about this sometime) After that is an evaluation or a self assessment. Finally, you can now lay down your plans for the next five years.

I’ve found this activity to be a self checkpoint or “gasoline station” to refresh and refuel myself as I continue my journey in life. Am I living the fullness of life? Moving on before I write down my goals and action plan, the first thing to do is to list down the important roles of my life. Who’s Camille Pagliawan by the way? I listed the following from basic to futuristic and then to a more serious one.🙂

  • a loving daughter
  • caring ate
  • a true friend
  • a proud volunteer
  • peace advocate
  • and a student leader
  • passionate blogger
  • effective speaker
  • youth discipler
  • photography enthusiast
  • aspiring graphic designer
  • frustrated guitarist
  • creative innovator
  • product designer
  • future social entrepreneur
  • export manager
  • company owner
  • a social worker
  • human rights defender and educator
  • an advocate of environment
  • a peace builder

And last but certainly not the least


Psalm 139:14 You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

To God be all the glory, honor and praise! God Bless!

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