courtesy for KKB Movement

Because I’m eager to have  a  Ticket  for Planetshakers live in Manila concert, I joined the promo of KKB ” I AM KKB. I AM UNSTOPPABLE.” Through this I have a chance to win a VIP Ticket. (Horay!) Ang galing talaga ng KKB.🙂 All we need to do is to submit a photo with the theme UNSTOPPABLE and submit other requirements. To know more about this promo check  the official facebook  fan page of KKB Movement.

Anyway just to share my photo entry, here is it.🙂

The action scene on the photo reminds me of a funny experience but taught me a lot of things. Never ever give up! to mentioned one.

The race was intense. Maybe you’re wondering whose team won? (We’re the right team by the way) Unfortunately, we lost. But we had fun!🙂

The amazing race was composed of 9 obstacles if I’m not mistaken. Tag of war was the second to the last. The rule for this station was that even though you’re the first group to finish the entire obstacle from 1-7, your group needs to wait for an opponent. We’re the first team to got to this station. To cut the story short, tag of war was the crucial stage for us group. While waiting were conditioning ourselves that we can do it. I remembered one of my teammates also suggested to use physics principle. Downhill daw kaya mas maganda kung pomosition kame sa right side. “He has a point”, I added. After all the waiting’s and conditioning, the moment of truth came in. It so happened that our opponent was composed of almost boys and our team has only two boys. Most of us lose hope that time. How can we win if that’s the case? Anyway, we’ve gone so far. It’s not the time to talk about worries and doubt. Just face the challenge and do your best. Never ever give up!

Ready…set…go! and the tag of war started. We’ve exerted our efforts but at the end it was their group who won.

Moral of the story, don’t give up. Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Remember you are UNSTOPPABLE!

—The End—

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