National Youth Camp for Peace

We had a successful Youth Camp for Peace last December 28, 2010 to January 6, 2011 at CICM Bukal ng Tipan Retreat House, Tatay Rizal. This is the 4th National Youth Camp for Peace sponsored and conducted by Binhi ng Kapayapaan, Inc. (BINHI) together with the hosting partner De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde through the Center for Social Action. Participants are composed of the Tri-People (the Lumads, Christians, and Muslims) bringing together 60 youth leaders coming from Mindanao and Luzon. These are different people who come together in one goal, one purpose and one passion, believing that Peace is Possible!

Youth Campers and Peace Builders

After the Youth Camp, all of us youth participants and elder facilitators were touched and inspired by our activities. Words are not enough to express how I’m deeply touched  after the Youth Camp just as the inspiration I got from it and it goes like this, “The Beauty that cannot be seen by the naked eye can only be felt by the Heart”.

In this Youth Camp for Peace I’ve learned the real meaning of beauty. Having heard the stories of our Muslim brothers and sisters and also know our roots and rich culture from Talaandig (Indigenous People) truly you can see and appreciate how beautiful we are and how rich our culture is. These are the lessons I’ve got from our first session “Building the Ground-Remembering our Original Beauty”.

For the time being in the Peace Camp we’ve shared our different stories. Where did we get our inspirations and the likes. We also shared our laughter and as well as our painful moments. In our next topic entitled “Healing our Brokenness” we’ve listened to the stories of these people who seemed to have a very happy background but despite of the smiles that they wear on their faces there is a portion in their hearts that really strikes their life.

In order to have Peace, you must first have what you called “Peace within Yourself” To attain that peace within yourself, there is a certain thing that you need to be free from. It is the painful moments of your life that holds you back from being free. If what inhibits you is hatred then peace cannot come in. But of course there is a process to look into. That’s what we’ve done in the Peace Camp. To really breath out all the negative things we have and breath in all the positive ones. We have come to realize that “There is Healing in Forgiving”.

Being part of this National Youth Camp for Peace thought me a lot of things. I will treasure it for all of my life. It became an avenue for me to really know myself and grow personally. Thank you so much for the life of each and every one of you who touched me so much. Receive my deep gratitude and thanksgiving and most especially of course my LAMBING to all of you. I love you so much. You are all truly became part of my life. Not just for a reason nor  for a purpose but for a lifetime!🙂

We know that the road to true peace is never smooth and we consider our difficulties as just added challenges. But we are all convicted and certain that PEACE is really POSSIBLE! I hope that through our network of youth peace leaders we are the genuine seeds that will grow in God’s perfect timing and we will reap a harvest! So c’mon guys! Celebrate diversity. Appreciate the beauty of everyone and know our roots. All together, let’s sing KAPAYAPAAN!!!

3 thoughts on “National Youth Camp for Peace

  1. angge herrera says:

    hi camille, ngayon ko0 lang nabasa ito! this is great! i hope the other youth campers were able to read it. can i request you to post it in facebook. it will help that they rememeber our experiences in the last youth camp. this is a good way to start preparing for youth camp 2012

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