I am on a mission

“Student wouldn’t want to get a failing mark in any subject for whatsoever reason.”

My current flow chart

I’m on my last three terms in school including this term I’m taking in. Few months from now and hopefully will graduate ON TIME. I emphasize on time because I fail a subject once (QUANT-T) during my third term, second year. And now, I’m facing the consequence for failing that subject😐. My adviser told me that I cannot overload because the school policy said that you can only overload if you do not have failing grade. Well if you really want then better start to write a letter to the dean and ask for it explaining why you need to overload. That’s a requirement. It hits me on my back when I heard it. The reason I fail that subject was because I didn’t take the final exam. Why? oh..that would be another long story. Let’s just say it’s because I lose hope.

Midterms passed by and we are now on the crucial stage which is FINALS. Midterms was a messed for me. I got a lot of 2.0. One of my professor only gives 3.0 as his highest grade he can only give and unfortunately he is my professor for two subject, EXPORES and EXPOMAR. Isn’t it unfair? errR. This makes me stop and pause for a while. I wouldn’t want to get another failing mark and ruined my life not to graduate on time. I need to make an action NOW. I list down and identify the things that makes me switch my attention and not to focus on my studies. I want to REFOCUS and prioritize what needs to be prioritize. Pursue EXCELLENCE and generally seeks for self-improvement and be productive.

Here are some tips for self-improvement I’ve learned from my QUANT-T professor.

  • be creative and innovative with approach and ideas
  • be dynamic and passionate individuals
  • work under pressure and in a fast pacing work environment
  • have a good communication skills both verbal and written
  • must be results-oriented and resourceful
  • must have the initiative
  • must be proactive, flexible, can work with minimum supervision
  • strong analytical and reporting skills
  • strong writing and editing skills
  • good problem solving and decision-making skills

These supposed to be tips only for students taking QUANT-T subject but I guess it also fits any other subjects and would be helpful for self-improvement.

Moral of the story? Don’t give up! “Everything is recoverable. Every misstep needs to be taken as information to be used in crafting your next attempt.” I’ve got this from the blogsite of Francis Kong, Inspiring Excellence. Check it out. It really helps.

And for my mission?

I am on a mission to get rid of 1.0. To stop getting 1.5. To disregard 2.0. To do away 2.5. To forget about 3.o. To aim higher than 3.5. To get 4.0! Whooah! And that’s called MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! hahaha Kidding aside, no matter how hard it is to accomplish, never ever give up. Instead keep it up! No retreat, no surrender!

So long folks. Hope it will serves as an inspiration.🙂 God Bless you all!

5 thoughts on “I am on a mission

  1. kristine says:

    Haha! Experiencing the quant-t madness has never been easy!
    But I’m sure you can do it, friend! Others were able to make it, so what more with u?

    Nothing can beat us down, not even that threatening EPALi***! Hahaha!
    we’ll do our best! We will graduate on time!

    Get up and go, take a breath, move along or you could spend your whole life holding on.🙂

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