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If through wordpress I express myself, thoughts, ideas, unforgettable experiences and most importantly inspirations to youth like me, in scrapblog I unleash my hidden talents in arts (if there is any🙂 ) Of course, God gave us amazing talents and skills that we’re meant to share! So don’t think that you don’t have that talents, maybe you have not yet find it.

Remember this quote…

One thing we’ve got to learn is that no person is better than the other. Some are blessed with knowledge, some with beauty, some with great wealth, some with strength, and some with a unique gift from God that they have yet to find… The essence of being is not your rank or “greatness” but being who God made you to be…and being so excellently!

The following are my scrapblogs.

First is the Campaign poster I made for Voter’s Education 2010

Simple card yet full of love I gave to my Mama and Papa

Poster I made for my friend (requested for their project)

Picture after our "Frosh Night"

Powerpoint background I made for our project in Oralcommunication (Wedding)

What about Scrapblog?

With Scrapblog, your photos and videos become the stars of all the stories you want to tell:

  • the great vacation you just took
  • your kids’ most excellent adventures
  • your best friend’s wedding or
  • just a day in the park with family. AND MANY MORE

It’s just a matter of creativity so try it.

Why Scrapblog?

Taking and sharing photos has become part of our everyday lives. We constantly take photos and create videos, and we instantly upload and share them. And we do it because there’s no better way to tell stories.

For more info. visit

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14 thoughts on “Blog that Scrapblog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well written story. It will be supportive to anyone who usess it, as well as yours truly🙂. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

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