Summer is FUN

Passionate Volunteers

Indeed summer is really fun contradict to what we feel during summer. It is true that temperature is dramatically increasing and we have no choice but to fondle the sizzling heat of the sun🙂 not to mention the viscosity factor etc. In addition, during summer we are totally free from school assignments so there will be times that we end up nothing to do. A lot of my classmates is complaining. They’re asking that as soon as possible, resume the class. What an irony? I whisper and burst afterwards🙂 As a matter of fact, one of my classmate says, “Anu ba yan! Walang magawa tas wala pang pera! (sigh) sana pasokan na lang.” I just laugh out loud when I read her text. It’s true that during summer of course you don’t have your allowance anymore unlike if school days. Your mom and dad probably don’t give you allowance anymore because of course they’re saving for another school year approaching. Tuition fee is really heavy nowadays.

Moreover, another thing is really the heat of the sun. “Mainit talaga kahit san.” Even you take a long bath twice a day still it is so hot that you couldn’t help but to be refresh and replenish every minute. That is why it is important to drink plenty of water. Avoid dehydration for it will just add to your bad day. But why choose to be in a bad mood if you can do something? Something productive and meaningful that you would not notice that it is summer and the sun is up there to burn us by its heat.

Good thing Sir Yoks Tadena, our formation unit coordinator in our organization in school CSA (Center for Social Action) texted me saying…”wala ka bang magawa? Nabuburyong ka na ba sa bahay at talagang wala kang magawa? Pwes halina’t sumama sa gagawing Post election clean-up in our nearby areas.” I immediately responded, “sure Sir! I would love too!”

It was two days of cleaning every post bombarded with posters carelessly scattered. Not to mention overlapping posters. It makes us even really hard to remove the posters but it wasn’t a hindrance for us to continue the service. Our purpose to have contribution in our own little way and capabilities as a student to sincerely help for the improvement and betterment of our place nearby CSB areas.

During the clean-up, I can’t forget what Sir Leo, our Director told us. Although I know that it is a way to shoo away the flowing sweat on our face (at this moment, we are already exhausted)…”Katuwaaan lang po ito, wala kaming magawa. Naputulan kasi kame ng cable sa bahay at nakakatamad ang walang ginagawa”🙂 just to crack a joke for a minute of happiness.

This experience was another awesome adventure I would not forget in my entire life. Be a volunteer…volunteering without thinking in return. After the tiring but wonderful experience of ours, it was all worth it. For we know that we helped in our own little way to improve and do something, necessary actions need to be done.

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12 thoughts on “Summer is FUN

  1. PUZA says:

    …wiw, galing tlaga ng fwend ko!!!

    …keep it up!!! make me proud…

    …konting ingats sa srili huh!!!

    …GOD BLESS =^.^=

  2. akosicamz says:

    @ puza – thanks sa comment frnd!
    correction, ndi lang kita gusto ma-make proud of me. I want you to be “inspired”!
    God Bless you more and more!
    mwuahhh! i love you my frnd!!!

  3. jhoy25 says:

    for those people na hindi nkasama, “better luck next time” meron ulit neto after 6 years starting dis year.

    I-inform nmin kau…..🙂

    ha ha ha

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