2010 Automated National Election

May 10,2010 Automated Election System

Yesterday, May 10, 2010 has been a history. National Election has been Automated (Automated Election System). As a socially responsible citizen of the Philippines, I don’t just voted but have an active engagement-participation in a volunteering opportunity. Of course, we need to capacitate and prepare ourselves for many possibilities. I want to be part of the solution because whatever will be the result of the election will definitely affects us whether directly or indirectly! I hope you are part too..the CHANGE NEED TO BE DONE!

I’m a Bantay Eleksyon Citizen Reporter. We’re non-partisan. Our objective is to satisfy the public for free and fair election practicing our democracy. We’re here to document and after which to send it to the proper authority.

My experience as a BE-Citizen reporter was an awesome experience. Sabi nga ng isang kuya dun, “tignan mu yung babae, sa comelec ata yan eh.” hehe🙂. Marame kasing poll watchers dun. Kaso lahat sila may kanya-kanyang partido. Ako naman kasi, wala…volunteer lang po ako sabi ko sa kanila. Sabi nila, “so magkano sweldo mu?” Sabi ko naman, wala po kong sweldo, nagvolunteer lang po ako. Habang akoý nagbabantay eleksyon, syempre wala kong kakilala dun, sabi ko naman…anu nalang mangyayari sakin kung hindi ko sila ia-approach? We’re not accredited pa naman na pumasok sa precinct, so dapat gamitin ang tinatawag na”diskarte”. Diskarte na kinalaunan ay nag-uwi sa pag-gain ng new friends. Sila kuya Alvin at Chat. Maghapon ba naman kami dun sa precinct namen, or should I say, magdamag? Pass 1am in the mornyt na kame nakauwi.

So much for the BE experience, I just want to highlight…going back to my purpose of blogging this article the importance of our vote. Election is one of the great wat to experience our democracy. Mahalaga ang boto natin, sagrado. Ang iba nga jan, binibili pa yung boto natin right? So think about it? Sobrang important ng vote natin. Ang sad part nga lang kasi marame ang hindi bomoto o hindi nakaboto. Ang dahilan? Mahaba kasi yung pila. Sana nagdala sila ng timba-timbang pasensya. Kasi naman, fact na yun na tuwing eleksyon ay mangyayari at mangyayari ang hindi inaasahang pangayayari. Ngayon kung responsible enough ka na citizen ng Pilipinas, mahal mu ang bayan, gusto mo ng pagbabago, hindi ka magpapadala sa hirap, instead maging hamon satin yun right?

Bago pa maging nobela ito at wala nang bumasa sa sobrang haba. I just want to share these reminders…

Electoral Process All government authority emanates from the people. Binoto kita para sa ganto…so may responsibility ka na pagsilbihan kame. All government officials elected are accountable to the people.

Note : Sa eleksyon, di pa don nagtatapos ang laban. After nun, babantayan natin if all what they have promise ay matutupad ba? LAHAT ng pangako na un. Na sanay di sila parang “manananggal” na napakahaba ng dila at puro satsat lang, wala naman sa gawa! Am I right or Am I not wrong?

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6 thoughts on “2010 Automated National Election

  1. akosiniko says:

    Congrats Camz!
    yung delay sa start pwede sa incident report.🙂

    the next 6 years will be determined by us and not just by the president. Godbless the Philippines

  2. anthonygaupo says:

    nice camz keep it up. Ako hindi ako nagvolunteer pero check out my twitter, plurk and fb, I feel like im a reppporter. Bukas ang tv at radio. Naka live streaming pa ako sa other networks. Pati mga tweets ng reporters, ABS, GMA and ANC ni-RT ko na sabay updated sa other networks. love this job hahaha. keep it up camz :))

  3. akosicamz says:

    haha nice one Anthony! ^^ cge pagpatuloy mu lang yan! next time in action na! sa CSA were ACTION oriented! hehe…I’m looking forward seeing you in our activities😀
    God Bless you!

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