a way of life

Volunteering…a way of life

Volunteerism…what is it all about?

a way of life

Inspire people

Volunteerism is a way of life or practice of generous and/or non-reciprocal giving of oneself in the service of others. Volunteering implies an actual work opportunity or job position for a particular cause without payment of services. It also implies commitment to undertake assigned tasks and is open to accountabilityfor his/her actions. Thus, it cannot be simply opportunity to share skills and knowledge because this notion is not commitment-based. Moreover, it cannot simply be giving of oneself during his/her (relative) free time because it lacks depth of responsibility.

Service in connection…

It is the outward sharing of knowledge, skills or resources as contribution to the welfare of others without necessarily asking for incentives. Authentic service* is not simply obeying whatever is asked to be done but tries to understand the nature or meaning of the task/s. Moreover, it cannot be based on incentives, monetary subsidies, accreditations, etc. * Servant Leadership

Faith without Action is Nothing

Being a volunteer in Center for Social Action (CSA) is really a humbling experience. Let me expound why…

Volunteering in CSA is an opportunity to nurture your Volunteerism

When I joined CSA, I’m really blessed knowing that this will be a good opportunity for me to share what I can share to others whole-heartedly. Giving my time to serve for others without thinking in return. With the help of CSA-formators, co-volunteer in forming me as a true leader to inspire people is definitely a big help for me to nurture in spirit the essence of volunteerism.

Volunteering in CSA is an actual work opportunity or job position

As what volunteerism means, it is a way of life. I choose to serve others in all my capabilities and I vision that volunteering in CSA is an actual work opportunity for me. “Make the most out of it.” Don’t make it to the point that you will regret doing something.

Value commitment and responsibility as important elements in volunteering

If you choose to volunteer yourself to others, immediately there is a corresponding responsibility. More so of the “Commitment” to serve-to be servant, committing yourself in whatever way you do because when you volunteer you’re giving “yourself”

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3 thoughts on “Volunteering…a way of life

  1. noi says:

    “My Passion” – i love how you titled your blog entry; defines how you take volunteering seriously and definitely with passion!😀

    keep your fire ignited, camz! don’t get discouraged if some may not believe or undermine your causes; you have friends, people you love (& love you back!) that you can count on🙂

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