Stage of Procrastination

Are You a Procrastinator?

Photo courtesy by

Have you ever experienced these stages wherein you just started by saying, “This isn’t due for a while. I’ll relax for now.” and ended up with a crisis and eventually swore to yourself, “I’ll never procrastinate again.”? The photo above shows the story of stages of procrastination. Funny but true, isn’t?

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National Youth Camp for Peace

We had a successful Youth Camp for Peace last December 28, 2010 to January 6, 2011 at CICM Bukal ng Tipan Retreat House, Tatay Rizal. This is the 4th National Youth Camp for Peace sponsored and conducted by Binhi ng Kapayapaan, Inc. (BINHI) together with the hosting partner De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde through the Center for Social Action. Participants are composed of the Tri-People (the Lumads, Christians, and Muslims) bringing together 60 youth leaders coming from Mindanao and Luzon. These are different people who come together in one goal, one purpose and one passion, believing that Peace is Possible!

Youth Campers and Peace Builders

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Why we study at the first place

Benildean’s college life

Do you ever wonder…

Why we study at the first place?

The answer to this is very simple contrary to what we’re thinking. Yes, admit it. College life is not that easy. Doing assignments, unending projects and requirements just to pass the course. Not to mention the hard-core major exams. The truth is we need to exert extra effort to have good grades. We must put in our minds that our professors didn’t gave these difficult projects for their pleasure. Continue reading

a way of life

Volunteering…a way of life

Volunteerism…what is it all about?

a way of life

Inspire people

Volunteerism is a way of life or practice of generous and/or non-reciprocal giving of oneself in the service of others. Volunteering implies an actual work opportunity or job position for a particular cause without payment of services. It also implies commitment to undertake assigned tasks and is open to accountabilityfor his/her actions. Thus, it cannot be simply opportunity to share skills and knowledge because this notion is not commitment-based. Moreover, it cannot simply be giving of oneself during his/her (relative) free time because it lacks depth of responsibility.

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Cry in my heart

Iyakin, emosyonal…Ito na maaari ang pedeng maidescribe ng mga taong nakakakilala sa akin. Ngunit sa mga taong masasabi kong tunay na nakakakilala sakin..maaring paradox nito ang lahat.

Ang puso ko’y gusto muling umiyak nang aking napakinggan ang kantang “Cry in my heart” ng Starfield. Hindi ko napigilan ang pagtulo ng aking luha…

“For what do I have if I don’t have you Jesus..what in this life could mean anymore. You are my rock, You are my glory, You are the lifter of my head”. Paulit-ulit na sinisigaw ng aking puso ang mga salitang ito. Tila ayaw papigil…ang sinisigaw ay, “Lord I need to know you more”.

Nagpapasalamat ako ng lubos at natuto akong maging MALAKAS at MATAPANG! Courageous Camz…yan ang tutuong ngalan.

Glory to God for who I am!

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD. -Psalm 31:24

From darkness to light

My Testimony
From darkness to light
by Camille Pagliawan

Fact: I don’t easily trust people. I tend to rely on my own strength and do things on my own. I isolate myself, rehearsing in mind, “I’m all alone”. (Ako lang naman mag-isa eh). In effect, I hurt myself physically and emotionally, and even spiritually to that matter. The pain is so deep that I choose to stay in the darkness…

That was before when my heart was full of pain, anger and self-pity. But praise God, He was ABLE to changed me.
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Half empty, Half FULL

I was always facinated by the movie “Finding Nemo”, though I’ve watched it a couple of times already together with my little brother. I really adore the attitude of “Dory”. My favorite line from her goes like this, “It’s time to let go, everything will be all right”. How attractive it is for a girl that in times of trouble, she chooses to “dance in the rain”.

It is inevitable to experience troubles or challenges in life. We are often restless when we respond but the good thing is…we can always stop and pause. And when we pause, we can always PRAY.

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Gift Giving

Today is Christmas (hooray!). Christmas Party is all around the corner. Smiles are on the faces of each and every person you meet, greeting you with such enthusiasm. Children are loitering probably. Ninang and Ninong are busy giving gift to their inaanaks. If most likely this is the scene, no doubt it is indeed Christmas.

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Peace and Understanding

Binhi ng Kapayapaan Participants

Binhi ng Kapayapaan Participants

I was asked to write about who am I before and after the peace camp experience. What changes it brought to my life…It is really hard to put down everything I’ve learned in words… Not because I don’t feel like sharing it nor I don’t have anything to say but I just prefer my heart to speak rather than my mind. In as much as I would like to make it also short, concise and with gist as possible…I just decided to create a poem. A simple poem from a simple girl who just want to express herself. Who promises as well to continue what she started…to breath-in and out every single day love, joy, peace, wisdom and hope.


Binhi Artwork

photo credits to Ramon Parica

There is peace when we understand,
There is peace when we open our mind;
There is peace when we love,
There is peace when we care
And all of these fall together as one

You can attain inner peace when you take away hatred in your heart
And invite love to enter in your heart.
To stop being self-centered and start to be a peace maker.

Indeed, if we only broader our understanding,
If we only open our mind;
If we only love,
If we only care
Peace is definitely possible!!!

Momentous Chat

It was a typical office day. I’m in front of my PC doing Airline Reconciliation and it was quite boring. I think I have my mood swing. I miss school. I miss my crazy friends. I miss EVERYONE. You can’t get away from reminiscing the old times especially to those people who really touched your heart. I scanned my FB photos then and poof..! I stumble upon the picture of me and my student JAN EM! It was shortly afterwards that I remember we hadn’t talk for a very long time. He didn’t chat me anymore though I message him before. huhuh😦 It is always a wild guess for me to figure out why we suddenly lost communication. Anyway, I just ponder through our old chat in fb. Because of the loud howl of joy inside me after reading that messages of ours, I decided to blog about it. Anyway, it wouldn’t cost anything right?

Below is the conversation we had. (this is my favorite one) Back then, in the course of our conversation it drenched me with tears – tears of joy rolling down my face.

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Spectacular SOS Experience

photo courtesy by Carllyn Basila

My Summer of Service (SOS) adventure so to speak, coming from Manila all the way to Cebu is one of the best experiences I ever had. An experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. An extremely good, very remarkable and entirely different journey as I can describe of it.

SOS became a “learning experience”. Not just us doing the teaching to the student but also us learning from them all. Moreover, SOS for me is not just exploring the beautiful places and enjoying the breathtaking scenery but far beyond that is giving service committed to share our knowledge, skills and talents as well as honing and harnessing their potentials with the gift they have. These absolutely kind children amidst of their uneasy attitude sometimes gave me another reason to celebrate life. We can be far away from each other now but you can’t take away the good and bad times we had together as a group, giggling amongst ourselves like a children of eight as we talked and wondered life has to bring.

I’ve met so many wonderful friends in Cebu with distinct and unique personalities you cannot trade for. Their charming faces, how they smile, laugh or even cracked jokes. All of those fond memories I could actually recall for it has been marked already on my heart. But of course there was that one I would never forget.

When we were young we spoke of what we wanted to be. Perhaps a doctor, a policeman, a nurse, a teacher stuff we’d see, stuff we’d hear. But here’s a little one that strucked me and catched my attention. He wanted to be a president! (though it changed since he was in kindergarden). His name is Jan Emmanuel M. Alonzo – my dear student. Who could ever thought I would be tutoring a six-grade student with an IQ of perhaps a second year high school student or even more. Truly, once you’ve met someone you never really forget them. One day if life permits, my heart longs to be back in DLS-ASMC! Gi-mingaw ko nimu!

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balance life

Accounting of Life

A shot of encouragement, inspiration and faith!

Balance Sheet of Life

Our birth is our opening balance !
Our death is our closing balance!
Our prejudiced views are our liabilities
Our creative ideas are our assets
Heart is our current asset
Soul is our fixed asset
Brain is our fixed deposit
Thinking is our current account
Achievements are our capital
Character & morals is our stock-in-trade
Friends are our general reserves
Values and behaviour are our goodwill
Patience is our interest earned
Love is our dividend
Children are our bonus issues
Education is our brand patent
Knowledge is our investment
Experience is our premium account
The aim is to tally the balance sheet accurately.
The goal is to get the best present  accounts award.

All together, let’s balance our life!

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The birth of a passionate blogger

Live a life of LOVE

Greater things are yet to come

By Akosicamz

Hello! I’m Camille Pagliawan, junior BS Business Administration major in Export Management student in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. I’m a proud volunteer, peace advocate and a student leader. My interest are blogging, photography and graphic design. This blog ‘Live a Life of Love‘ is where I express my thoughts of every life experiences.

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Tips on posting online

Tips on online posting

Source: DLS-CSB Intranet

To this advance tic-tac cyber world, more and more people are now engaging to different social networks. Social media is indeed the hip of today’s generation. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of the latter. Nevertheless, let’s just be reminded to be responsible to anything you post online. In this light, I just wanna share with you tips on posting online. Together, let’s learn and be informed.

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Goal time line

“Our goals can be reached through a vehicle of plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success” -Stephen A. Brennan

First, it was only a requirement for our ORDEV-C class but now..I didn’t expect that making a “Goal time line” helps.

My Goal time line for the next five years

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A night of Worship

Planetshakers live in Manila!

Fun shot after the concert

♫♫ Through You I can do anything. I can do all things cause it’s You who gives me strength, nothing is impossible. Through You blind eyes are open, strongholds are broken. I am living by faith, nothing is impossible! ♫♫

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Important roles of my life


One of our course requirement in ORDEV-C is to make our own Life Graph. This Life Graph contains the peak points of our life including the downfalls. (I’ll make a post about this sometime) After that is an evaluation or a self assessment. Finally, you can now lay down your plans for the next five years.

I’ve found this activity to be a self checkpoint or “gasoline station” to refresh and refuel myself as I continue my journey in life. Am I living the fullness of life? Moving on before I write down my goals and action plan, the first thing to do is to list down the important roles of my life. Who’s Camille Pagliawan by the way? I listed the following from basic to futuristic and then to a more serious one.🙂

  • a loving daughter
  • caring ate
  • a true friend
  • a proud volunteer
  • peace advocate
  • and a student leader
  • passionate blogger
  • effective speaker
  • youth discipler
  • photography enthusiast
  • aspiring graphic designer
  • frustrated guitarist
  • creative innovator
  • product designer
  • future social entrepreneur
  • export manager
  • company owner
  • a social worker
  • human rights defender and educator
  • an advocate of environment
  • a peace builder Continue reading


courtesy for KKB Movement

Because I’m eager to have  a  Ticket  for Planetshakers live in Manila concert, I joined the promo of KKB ” I AM KKB. I AM UNSTOPPABLE.” Through this I have a chance to win a VIP Ticket. (Horay!) Ang galing talaga ng KKB.🙂 All we need to do is to submit a photo with the theme UNSTOPPABLE and submit other requirements. To know more about this promo check  the official facebook  fan page of KKB Movement.

Anyway just to share my photo entry, here is it.🙂 Continue reading

Life goal, visioning yourself

I shall pass through this world but once. Any good there that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. –Mahatma Gandhi

This quotation helps me understand more regarding our topic last week in ORDEV-C class about Life and Time. We’ve learned that Life is Time, a span of moment that represents the life we enjoyed. We’ve also learned that time can be managed and so as life. However time is limited. Money can be regained, but time cannot, and so life. In that minute of our discussion, we have realized the true value of time and the need to set goals-our life goals. Continue reading

What’s Important and What’s Urgent

Make the most out of everything

It was Monday, first day of school week. I was in the meeting of KKB Benilde Evaluation and Planning when the bell rung. I rushed through my ORDEV-C class that day and started the week with a discussion about Life. “Hmm, that would be a great topic” I whispered.

We started the discussion with knowing the meaning of life. What is life? One of my classmates answered, “Life is a gift from God”. I agreed. Continue reading

I am on a mission

“Student wouldn’t want to get a failing mark in any subject for whatsoever reason.”

My current flow chart

I’m on my last three terms in school including this term I’m taking in. Few months from now and hopefully will graduate ON TIME. I emphasize on time because I fail a subject once (QUANT-T) during my third term, second year. And now, I’m facing the consequence for failing that subject😐. My adviser told me that I cannot overload because the school policy said that you can only overload if you do not have failing grade. Well if you really want then better start to write a letter to the dean and ask for it explaining why you need to overload. That’s a requirement. It hits me on my back when I heard it. The reason I fail that subject was because I didn’t take the final exam. Why? oh..that would be another long story. Let’s just say it’s because I lose hope. Continue reading

The Tightrope and the Wheelbarrow

The story is told of a great circus performer by the name of Blondin who stretch a long steel cable across Niagara Falls. During high winds and without a safety net, he walked, run, and even danced across the tightrope to the amazement and delight of a crowd of people who watched. Once he took a wheelbarrow full of bricks and amazed the crowd by pushing it effortlessly across the cable, from one side of the falls to the other. Blondin then turned to the crowd and asked, “Now, how many of you believed that I could push a man across the wire in the wheelbarrow?” The vote was unanimous. Everyone cheered and held their hands high. They believed he could do it! “Then,” asked Blondin, “would one of you please volunteer to be that man?” Continue reading

Devoted to You

I have been ask once about what is the greatest thing happen to my life. I immediately responded, “When I accept HIM as my personal Lord and Savior and become His disciple. From then on my life changes from glory to glory! It’s great to have life that is driven by God. To have a life that is full, fully pleasing Him is the greatest thing happen to my life. Greater things are yet to come!

Citipointe Live

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Commemoration of Martial Law

Marcos ruled the country for 2O years from 1966-1986. He served his first term in presidency and won another term but at the remaining years of his term instead to go down, he imposed Martial Law on September 21, 1972.It resulted in massive human rights violation and abuses. There is torture, abduction, illegal detention, extra judicial killings, and struggle for justice and pains. It was a time of fear, repression and deprivation. The writ of habeas corpus back then was suspended. A person maybe arrested and detained without charges. Those were all happen during the dictatorship of the fascist leader. Sadly, most of the victims up to now still got no justice at all. And also it was sad to say that very few students knew or aware of some tyranny and repression experience by martyrs and heroes during Marcos regime.

Commemoration of Martial Law is important to remind the public of the evils of Martial law so future generations need not to go through the same experiences by our martyrs. We cannot allow future generation to experience what they experience. Never again! We got the clear lessons from the past. Thanks to the courage and resistance of ordinary Filipinos against the dictatorship under martial law.

Creative Thinking

In thinking process, creativity is the highest

Creative thinking

This quote from my professor inspires me to have a post regarding creativity. Since my course really needs to practice and harness this skill. I look and search on how I can acquire or develop it.

“Great ideas are integral to success.” Lynda Cutin gives me the tool to generate fresh new ideas quickly and systematically. Using the proven techniques of lateral thinking provocative operations, concept extraction, and random entry. She engages me in a powerful idea- generating process that will give you something useful to take back to your job. You’ll learn how to break out of your current mind box, take charge of your creative thinking potential, and out think your competition. Continue reading

Zambales Immersion

We love Zambales ♥♥♥

It was around 7:00 in the morning and we are headed to Botolan, Zambales for our “Sambahaginan”. This is an annual activity of Center for Social Action (CSA) that includes Basic Orientation Seminar, Immersion and Team building for the CSA “Vees” – Volunteers as part of their integrated and holistic formation program. Continue reading

Helpful tips to study your course successfully

Strive for the best, make Him famous!

A compilation of tips, recommendation and advice in pursuing excellence

Steps to finding your life’s purpose

Recommendations that often lead to great success by Rick Warren. Gotten from his book Purpose Driven Life

Consider your dreams. Clarify your values. Set some goals. Figure out what you are good at. Aim high. Go for it! Be disciplined. Believe you can achieve your goals. Involve others. Never give up!

Reflecting on these tips will greatly help you to achieve your goals. Observe that it started with a “dream”. Dreaming Big and believing that you can do it! And you will be amaze that if you just dream and believe…you will achieve your goals beyond you can imagine!

But the most important part is to know your life’s purpose. The purposes God created you and not just existed


Helpful tips to study your course successfully

If you wish to earn happiness, laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction – Anne Frank

1. Set goals, have a schedule and stick to it.

2. Have a positive mental attitude that you can understand the subject with a clear thought.

3. Read to understand “why”, and work on problems to understand “how”.

4. Use the “Six R’s” Method

• RECORD – have a note or outline of the subject matter.

• REDUCE – reduce your notes into phrase or keyword.

• RECITE – restate the idea in your own words. Continue reading

Blog that Scrapblog

If through wordpress I express myself, thoughts, ideas, unforgettable experiences and most importantly inspirations to youth like me, in scrapblog I unleash my hidden talents in arts (if there is any🙂 ) Of course, God gave us amazing talents and skills that we’re meant to share! So don’t think that you don’t have that talents, maybe you have not yet find it.

Remember this quote…

One thing we’ve got to learn is that no person is better than the other. Some are blessed with knowledge, some with beauty, some with great wealth, some with strength, and some with a unique gift from God that they have yet to find… The essence of being is not your rank or “greatness” but being who God made you to be…and being so excellently!

The following are my scrapblogs.

First is the Campaign poster I made for Voter’s Education 2010

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Summer is FUN

Passionate Volunteers

Indeed summer is really fun contradict to what we feel during summer. It is true that temperature is dramatically increasing and we have no choice but to fondle the sizzling heat of the sun🙂 not to mention the viscosity factor etc. In addition, during summer we are totally free from school assignments so there will be times that we end up nothing to do. A lot of my classmates is complaining. They’re asking that as soon as possible, resume the class. What an irony? I whisper and burst afterwards🙂 As a matter of fact, one of my classmate says, “Anu ba yan! Walang magawa tas wala pang pera! (sigh) sana pasokan na lang.” Continue reading

2010 Automated National Election

May 10,2010 Automated Election System

Yesterday, May 10, 2010 has been a history. National Election has been Automated (Automated Election System). As a socially responsible citizen of the Philippines, I don’t just voted but have an active engagement-participation in a volunteering opportunity. Of course, we need to capacitate and prepare ourselves for many possibilities. I want to be part of the solution because whatever will be the result of the election will definitely affects us whether directly or indirectly! Continue reading

Things to always remember – Collin McCarty

I was in our office, Center for Social Action (CSA) when I notice on the bulletin board this poster of papemelroti. After a short glanze, I immediately read the entire message. I was inspired to the point that I’m eager to share it instantly. I hope after you read the following quotes, you will also be inspired somehow.🙂 Continue reading